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And so, for those in a hurry, we offer this site which provides an overview of our Zephyr rifles. If after reviewing the information you wish us to craft a Zephyr for you, we suggest that you call for details concerning available options, upgrades, and our present delivery schedule. Our contact information can be found further down this page. We sincerely thank you for your interest in our celebrated Zephyr. We look forward to crafting a Zephyr for you.

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Occasionally, a new idea is born which defies that which has gone before it - that which has been accepted as conformant wisdom. Pacific Rifle Company challenges that conventionality in our Pacific Rifle, Model of 1837  "Zephyr."

Based upon the simple, rugged and notably accurate underhammer design,  Zephyr is a rifle for the man with a discerning mind and the courage to break from the dictates of mediocrity.

The Underhammer Design
The Zephyr is utterly simple in design: there being only two moving parts, the hammer and the trigger. These are mounted into its solid metal receiver on large sturdy pins.

Zephyr's trigger is in direct engagement with its hammer, thus eliminating the need for extra parts such as the sear, tumbler and the bridle, as well as their attendant small screws and spring.

As further evidence of its unique simplicity, the Zephyr's triggerguard is constructed of the Highest Quality spring steel and serves also the function of the mainspring, imparting power to the hammer to fire the rifle.

Mounting the hammer below the receiver, where it swings upward to the barrel, offers several logical advantages over the side-mounted hammer with its separate lockplate.

* The underhammer system is perfectly ambidextrous in favoring both left and right-handed shooting.
* The View of both the sights and game is not interrupted by the distraction of a hammer protruding into the field of view.
* This system keeps the flash of the cap from the Eye and provides a greater margin of Protection to the face from possible cap shrapnel.
* Mounting the hammer below the barrel further allows placement of the nipple directly into the barrel without need of a separate bolster. So arranged, the cap flash is projected directly into the powder charge resulting in Instantaneous Ignition and Improved Accuracy.
* The bottom-mounted nipple is granted greater Protection from inclement weather and greatly reduces the possibility of the percussion cap being inadvertently displaced by passage through brush. Both features being much touted by proponents of the more recent “in-line” designs.

Where ordinary rifles fail, Zephyr shall prevail!

A Simple Philosophy—Quality
Although Pacific Rifle Company may be non-conformant in its Philosophy of Design, we strictly adhere to the Code of Fine Craftsmanship. Finishing of the Model 1837 Zephyr is performed by highly skilled artisans, each viewing the Zephyr as the pennant of their pride.

After perfect fitting to barrel, receiver and buttplate, each stock and forearm is carefully finish-sanded by hand. Each stock is then oiled and diligently rubbed to a soft, glowing finish.

After polishing and fitting, both hammer and trigger are carefully prepared for the Nitre-bluing process which renders them into jewel-like pieces. Screws are nicely polished and Heat-treated to a deep Cobalt Blue like that of the triggerguard/mainspring.

Pacific Rifle Company utilizes a slow rusting process to provide a deep, rich, yet very durable brown finish to the barrel, receiver and to the buttplate of the Basic rifle.

For those individuals desiring a touch of exclusivity, Zephyr's Steel receiver lends itself well to further embellishment with multiple facets upon which our engraver may ply his art. Which, when combined with the Casehardened Coloring of the Zephyr's receiver and buttplate and fitted with a Fancier grade of highly-finished figured walnut, comprises our Deluxe treatment option.

Barrels and Rifling
Fitted with a tapered barrel of the finest steel and of medium weight, the Zephyr is blessed with good Balance and Fine Accuracy.

Pacific Rifle Company employs Genuine Forsyth Rifling™ - a very unique method of rifling gun barrels which serves several purposes and results in attributes unique to our rifles. Before one can appreciate the Benefits of this rifling, however, it is helpful to understand a simple yet monumental Fact that has heretofore been overlooked or simply not understood. And that is...

Due to the fact that the sphere is a Perfect geometrical form, it has been observed that very little rotational spin is necessary to accurately stabilize the larger diameter (.58 cal +) round ball in flight.

More information about Forsyth Rifling can be read by clicking the Genuine Forsyth Rifling link under Additional Info in the sidebar menu to the right.

In addition to the standard semi-buckhorn rear sight, we offer the options of the flat-topped English sight or our own exclusive “Peephorn” sight which is finding great favour with those desirous of an aperture sight. The Peephorn has no notch and is used in the same manner as one would use a peep sight, viewing the front blade through the rear. This sight is quick in low light conditions, yet very accurate, even at extremes of distance.

Action Underhammer, percussion
Weight 7 3/4 lbs (.62); 9 lbs (.72)
Length, overall 47 in.(.62); 45 in.(.72)
Barrel length 30 in. (.62); 28 in. (.72)
Caliber .62 (20-bore)  .72 (12- bore)
Rate of Twist 1:104 inches, right hand, 8 grooves for round ball projectiles
Sights German silver front blade, semi-buckhorn rear as standard
Stocks Black walnut with upgrades available
Finish, metal Rust brown, beeswax finished
Finish, stocks Hand-rubbed oil and beeswax
Accessories Bullet moulde, powder measure, nipple wrench
Zephyr price
Options of sights, engraving and wood are available; call for details
Basic Model $1750; Deluxe Model $2000
Terms Prepaid, f.o.b. Carleton, Oregon * Specifications subject to change.

Our Ordering Policy
Presently we are filling orders from our waiting list. If you wish placement upon that list, you will be notified upon completion of your rifle. We require a good faith deposit of $800 to secure your order at the current price, plus the cost of any options or custom work you may order. Upon the completion of work, the balance then becomes due. Upon payment, the rifle will then be shipped. All custom work must be quoted for both price and estimated time of completion. Present waiting period is: Please call for quote

20-bore Ballistics

12-bore Ballistics


For more detailed information concerning our celebrated Zephyr rifles, please e-mail us at: pacificriflecompany@gmail.com or you may call: 503-476-4609, 9am - 5 pm Pacific time, Monday thru Friday.

We look forward to crafting a high quality Zephyr for you.

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