Genuine Forsyth Rifling

Pacific Rifle Company employs Genuine Forsyth Rifling tm - a very unique method of rifling gun barrels - which serves several purposes and results in attributes unique to our rifles. Before one can appreciate the Benefits of this rifling, however, it is helpful to understand a simple, yet monumental, Fact which has heretofore been overlooked or simply not understood. And that is...

Due to the fact that the sphere is a Perfect geometric form, it has been observed that very little rotational spin is necessary to accurately stabilize the large (calibre 58 and larger) round ball in flight.

This simple fact has brought us to scrutinize, under the Light of Engineering Principles, the conventional rifling of barrels. The conclusion of which having resulted in our utilization of very slow-pitch rifling. This action seems to incite anger and hysteria in some otherwise open-minded people. But be it known that this Process is founded in the Sound Principles of Science and not born of an afflicted mind.

~Consider the Rail Train~
The advantage of the principle of slow rifling can be easily understood, even by those of little formal schooling, through the following analogy:

Consider for a moment the rail train about to negotiate a curve in the track. If the curve be slight, the train may be able to take the curve at its full speed. But, if the radius of the curve is decreased, that is to say, if the turn be a tight one, the train must decrease its speed or it will surely fly from the rails as it rounds the curve.

In the same way, a ball traversing a barrel of the conventional rapid rifling twist, a sharp curve, if you will, is limited in its Potential to achieve high velocity lest it strip from the rifling as the train would be stripped from the track. In the case of the former, the loss is accuracy. We shall not want to contemplate the fate of the latter.

Remember this simple axiom: The sharper the curve (the faster the pitch of rifling) the slower the train (the ball) must be driven if it is to arrive at its intended destination.

In addition to providing the superb Accuracy that we demand of our rifles, it has been further observed that our slow rifling, bearing but a pitch of 1 turn in 104 inches, provides the Highest velocities to the patched ball with very little stress imparted to the Faeton rifle.

In one such test, our 20-bore barrel was loaded with 200 grains of FFg black rifle powder and patched round ball and produced velocities exceeding 1,800 feet per second. Such high muzzle velocities - above 1,500 feet per second - produce a Flatness of trajectory to 150 yards that is the envy of riflemen shooting the recently popularized conical ball in their various forms. Despite the improvements made to these elongate projectiles, our contention remains that the Round Ball of Large Calibre, driven to high velocity, is far and away a Superior projectile for dispatching large game in a humane and Sportsman-like manner, within reasonable sporting distances, that is to say, 125 yards.

In addition, our Genuine Forsyth Rifling tm features wide, shallow grooves and very narrow lands which affords little area for the accumulation of powder fouling and further allows for use of hardened lead balls with full retention of accuracy.